The Artist - Annabel Langrish

Annabel grew up in Barbados, giving her an experience of colour and pattern that influences her lively, varied and highly creative work. Moving to Ireland as a young adult, she lived in a small village in Co. Leitrim, where she married and raised her children. In 1993 she won the Iontas National Painting Award which led to a series of well-received exhibitions.
 In 2005, Annabel and her husband Klaus moved to Sheep's Head in West Cork, bringing her back to the sea and mountains which inspired another exciting phase in her artistic life. Annabel has a very distinctive style with an imaginative use of colour and a love of nature and wildlife that sparks joy and lightness. Klaus and Annabel lovingly restored their home and created a beautiful gallery and café which is a hidden treasure in this remote corner of West Cork. Annabel’s unique signature style is evident throughout the gallery and garden, which is full of quirky ideas, wildlife friendly habitats, orchard, ponds and gorgeous colourful borders. She is usually to be found in the garden or in her studio.
 The business side is ably shared by Klaus and together with their growing team they have created an extensive home interiors collection as well as the original artwork and prints. Annabel opened a 2nd gallery in Kenmare town in Co. Kerry and stocks craft shops throughout Ireland as well as their own online shop.
 Annabel’s work ranges from water colours, oils and drawings of landscape, boats, wildlife and imaginative work to vibrant raku fired ceramics and sculpture. A committed beachcomber, Annabel constructs fleets of boats using driftwood and found objects. Her creativity is prolific and breathtaking and her customers get to take a little bit of her imagination and love of life home with them.