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Paintings by 'Catherine Weld'

Catherine Weld’s paintings and drawings are the creative expression of her response to the physical and emotional experiences of life. They are informed by constant drawing from observation combined with close attention to sensation, which she works to express through sensitivity to the paint and openness to the demands of the subject. She draws from nature and the figure, in charcoal and pencil, makes experimental studies in a range of media, and paints mainly with oils on canvas. 

Her ultimate creative aim is to bring the sensation of the subject to the viewer as a direct experience through the physicality of the medium in which she is working: oil paint, charcoal, pencil or whichever other material best answers the requirements of the moment.

The artist has exhibited widely; amongst other venues, as a painter at the RA in London, the RUA in Belfast and the RHA, Dublin, and as a facilitator of hospice-based, patient-led projects, in London at the Riverside in Hammersmith and The British Museum. Between 2003 and 2011 she was artist in residence at hospices in Dorset, England, and Inverness, Scotland.