Klaus the Mouse


Our big news is that together with my friend, Niamh O’Mahony, we have written and illustrated 4 childrens books during this last lockdown! We are overjoyed and can’t wait to see the palette of our books ( self published) arrive hopefully this week.Exciting!

Klaus and I had planned to spend 2 months in Barbados, where I grew up. We had booked for February and March, when the weather is not good here and I was going to work on illustrating Niamh’s first story whilst sitting overlooking the Caribbean enjoying a Banks Beer! I was very disappointed, but it is postponed, not cancelled.

Illustrating is new for me and I am still finding my own style. Niamh’s first story ,‘ Why are we Here?’ features Fay, a pig and Klaus the Mouse has gatecrashed most of the illustrations ( nothing to do with me). I have 3 pet kune kune pigs called Fuschia, Fay and Fern and Niamh is living in a cabin in the garden, semi detached with the pigs bedroom. She hears them snoring and scratching at night. Our inspiration!

Illustrating and self publishing for the first time was a steep learning curve. I had to learn about layouts, end pages, sizes, number of pages, choices between hardback, soft cover, as well as learn how to work in Procreate combined with Photoshop.

I got quite obsessed with it all and the winter months flew by, mostly painting and in front of the computer. The project was so enjoyable and absorbing that I almost forgot about having my feet in the hot sand watching the turtles in the turquoise sea.

Arriving with ‘Why are we Here?’ is my second book called ‘Magic’. It’s about the magic of simple things and appreciating the wonder of nature.

We are REALLY hoping to open our doors at home and in our Kenmare gallery soon. Can’t wait to share the books, jigsaws, garden and new work with everyone.

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